The benefits of chartering your own aircraft are numerous.

Travel on your own schedule

  • Arrive to the airport and immediately board your aircraft, with no delays.
  • Avoid connecting flights that prevent you from accomplishing your business all in one day.
  • Make multiple visits to clients and return home refreshed the same day, in time for dinner with the family.
  • Travel in privacy

  • Work on the aircraft without the worry of others overhearing your conversation or reading your computer screen.
  • Sleep in a peaceful, quiet cabin as your prepare for your next stop.
  • Prevent your competitors from learning who you are visiting today.
  • Convenience

  • At our desert locations, you drive right up to your aircraft and your luggage is immediately and carefully loaded onto the aircraft for you.
  • No worries about your luggage being lost on a private aircraft.
  • Equipment that you’d never risk on an airliner can be safely transported by private aircraft.
  • Pets can fly in the cabin with you and, in most cases, can sit in your lap or at your feet.
  • Special amenities on board private aircraft, such as satellite phones, help keep you in touch with other employees on the ground during rapidly changing situations.
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    Available Aircraft in Palm Springs

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